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We help organizations grow from within.

We fix organizational performance issues by providing purpose clarity, alignment, and activation.

By facilitating purpose-driven transformations, we empower organizations to solve their most pressing challenges, leverage their most promising opportunities, and find a meaningful role to play in society. Ultimately, we transform people and unleash the power of organizations, turning them into thriving workplaces that drive business results.


Dimitri Diamanti is one of the few companies that focus on helping organizations discover and activate their purpose while empowering employees by refining the way they think, behave, and engage with their work - resulting in sustainable growth and improved performance.

Purpose has the power to transform your organization and its performance; however, your organization's purpose must be authentically discovered, activated, and honored throughout the organization.

Clarity of purpose and focus, action (alignment, engagement, execution), thinking and learning, habits and culture. Those are the elementary building blocks of performance. To generate meaningful outcomes, they need to be addressed in a coordinated and unified way, as each needs the rest for a significant and long-lasting impact.

How strong is the sense of purpose in your organization and how does it impact its growth and performance?

A self-assessment to explore how the presence - or absence - of a strong sense of purpose impacts your organization's performance and growth.


We offer a range of strategic offerings, designed to leverage your organizational purpose and your people's potential, and translate them into performance and growth:



Through interviews, surveys, workshops, and insights from your people, leaders, and clients we clarify the state of your organization’s purpose. By the end of this engagement, you will:

(a) have a clear understanding of how strong and clear is the purpose in your organization and in what ways it impacts your organization’s performance,

(b) know to what extent this purpose is activated within your organization and the departmental operations, goals, performance, etc are aligned with that

(c) get clarity on the abilities, mindset, and skill that will help your organization activate this purpose

(d) learn to what extend there is alignment between your peoples’ individual purposes and that of the organization


A typical assessment engagement is between 4-12 weeks (depending on the organization size and project scope).

Purpose Discovery Workshops

With our Purpose Discovery & Invention Workshop, we surface and reinvent the purpose of the organization, of each department and role – as well as the personal purpose of your employees. The outcome of those workshops is a clearly articulated and meaningful purpose stand – for the organization, for the departments and roles, and for each of your people.


A typical engagement consists of a 2-day workshop (for organization and department purposes) and another 2-day workshop (for individual and role-specific purposes).

Purpose Alignment and Activation Workshop

With our Alignment & Activation Workshop, we sync the organization with the departmental purposes, while we help your employees reframe and craft their roles so they are aligned both with their personal and organizational purposes. By the end of this workshop, your employees will be equipped with actionable plans so that each department and role is recalibrated to honor that new purpose.

A typical engagement consists of a 2-day workshop.

Purpose embeddedness workgroups

With our embeddedness workgroups and coaching programs, we work alongside your employees and teams to ensure the organizational purpose is indeed honored through their daily practice – in their priorities, behavior, action, and way of thinking.

A typical engagement consists of small groups of 6-8 people, that meet every other week for a period of 6-12 months.

People Development Program

Learning is key to organizational growth and sustainability. And as often strategy execution and organizational performance are hindered due to the way employees think, behave and act, we work with your people to refine their workplace skills so they can honor the organizational purpose and drive growth.

Our People Development Program is a modular program that helps your people honor their own purpose and career journey, while it allows you to select the skills you want to cultivate, creating learning paths most relevant to your organization, and certifying your people to pursue managerial roles in your organization. 

A typical learning engagement ranges from a few weeks to a few months.

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The outcome of our work is a relevant and meaningful transformation that enables the organization and its clients to prosper. This may be captured in the form of growth acceleration, people engagement, organizational habits, brand messaging, innovation, and social impact.


Habits and Culture

We identify the necessary workplace habits and organizational culture that are relevant to your organization and design and facilitate habit-embedding and cultural engineering programs to create an environment that will help your organization grow and your people thrive.

Thinking and Learning

We facilitate deep learning experiences to bridge your people’s abilities & mindsets gap and build new and relevant mindsets and skillsets.


Growing organizations

that have uncovered a purpose bigger than money and activate it throughout the organizational experience; organizational that stay innovative, relevant, and competitive, and have an ongoing positive impact on their people, their clients, their communities.


Thriving workplaces

where people arrive in the morning inspired and leave in the evening fulfilled; where they are engaged, innovative, and productive, generating more outcomes that fuel the organizational growth.

Fulfilled people

who find meaning in what they do and they become an enhanced version of themselves; they are inspired and fulfilled, significantly improving their personal and professional impact, generating more outcomes, and building more authentic relationships with their peers, clients, and the organization.

Proud leaders

who view possibilities where there were none; they inspire their people, they have an impact on their clients' lives, and they become the agents of the organization's improved performance and sustainable growth.

Working with us

We help organizations grow from within.

Let's connect

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