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We build thriving workplaces that drive business results.

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Success. Fulfillment. Legacy.

Career and Workplace

Meaningful careers of prosperity and fulfillment.

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Dimitri Diamanti is an organizational and career consulting firm.

We help organizations stay innovative, relevant, competitive and become thriving workplaces that drive business results; and we help both young and seasoned professionals build successful and fulfilling careers.

Events and Workshops

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A presentation of how you can use the Career Development inventory developed by Dimitri Diamanti and Northeastern University to measure and improve your people's workplace engagement by improving your organizational Career Development offerings.
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Workplace Success Workgroup
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
virtual (zoom)
A group coaching program to help professionals overcome workplace challenges and achieve more in their roles and careers.
Career Readiness Index, Higher Education Webinar
A presentation of how you can join our research to develop a Career Readiness Index (CRI) for higher education institutions, and how you can use this in your institution.
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Career Development Plan Workshop
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
virtual (zoom)
An 10-hour hands-on, small group workshop to help you get faster to the next stage of your career.