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Stay innovative, relevant, competitive.

Organizational Strategy

We build thriving workplaces that drive business results.

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Transformational learning, not just training.

Learning & Development

Empower your people to own the future and keep your organization relevant and competitive.

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Success. Fulfilment. Legacy.

Career Management

Live up to your potential. Make your mark in the world.

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Dimitri Diamanti is an Organizational Consulting firm.

We help organizations design their organizational strategy and build a skillful & engaged talent base, while empowering professionals manage meaningful & successful careers.


We are passionate about thinking; about behavior and interactions; about learning and understanding; about purpose and meaning; about realizing potential. All interweaved into human experience, each affecting the rest, superseding industries or occupations, omnipresent and useful globally, powerful enough to change individuals, relationships, companies and communities.

With our ability in designing and delivering transformational experiences, we help people achieve greatness for their own lives, their organizations, and their communities. From our one-on-one interactions to our full-scale organizational engagements, we relentlessly focus on meaningful transformations and outcomes.