Career coaching helps people save time and become successful and fulfilled in their careers by overcoming challenges, resolving dilemmas and clearing blocks that stand in their way.

Why should I do it?

Career coaching is for anybody who feel stuck in their career, who feel they can do more, who feel that something is not working.

Who is this for?

College / Graduate Students

College and graduate students who want to improve their career readiness and be more competitive in the marketplace.

Young professionals

Young professionals who want to start on the right foot, save time, set the foundations to fast-track their professional growth, success, and fulfillment.

Seasoned professionals

Experienced professionals who struggle to make sense of their career, want to achieve more, or want to make a career change.

Coaching outcome

People who engage into career coaching save valuable time from myopic decisions, improve their career decision making, and enhance their workplace success.

Program delivery

Career coaching is offered via private (1:1) sessions.

Not sure yet? Let's talk.

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Further enhance your career readiness and success

Discount for our programs

You will have an additional 10% discount on all future programs, on top of any discount already in effect, including the "Career Momentum" programs (this offer is valid for 12 months and applies to all webinars or live programs).

Career Readiness and Workplace Success Community

You will be granted access to our closed community of Dimitri Diamanti programs. In this community, we share content, concerns and questions, opportunities and we also have community-specific special events, like virtual meetings with HR managers and CEOs.

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