A program designed to build the foundations of a meaningful career progress.

We've talked with many people. Most think they are looking for a job; what they really yearn for is a meaningful career.

One of the most comprehensive career development programs

Is this for me?

This program is for people who take their careers seriously, who are committed to grow in their career. It takes effort and time to complete, but this is why it powerful and it matters.

How will it help me?

You will set in motion the career change you have been yearning for.

Program Modules

Career Development is a modular program, which means you can only participate in one of the four modules.

However, if you want the maximum impact, then joining the entire program is what you need.

Career Discovery

Clarity of purpose is the single most important factor we have seen to have the most impact on their careers and fulfillment.

(8 weeks)

Career Readiness

Acquiring clarity regarding your career trajectory is important. Translating this into an actionable plan, though, is what makes the difference.

(8 weeks)

Career Assets

We help you prepare all the assets necessary to activate your job search and land a meaningful job.

(8 weeks)

Career Activation

Those who joined this program transformed their careers and lives faster, and with greater conviction.

(8 weeks)

Program Outlook


32 weeks


52 sessions


104 hours

Group size

up to 12 participants


Live, Virtual

By joining our waiting list you are not committing to anything. You will just be informed about upcoming programs, so you can then decide whether you would like to join.