A Career Development inventory developed by Dimitri Diamanti and Northeastern University to measure and improve your people's workplace engagement by improving your organizational Career Development offerings.

Why should we do it?

Career Development is one of the most crucial elements to ensure employee engagement and loyalty.

When PwC asked employees "What makes an organization an attractive employer?", opportunities for career progression were rated Number 1, even above financial incentives, and training/development was also among the top three.

Who is this for?

This informational webinar is suitable for HR executives who are serious about keeping their employees engaged and loyal, and care about creating a thriving workplace where employees can grow while bringing results for the organization.

Outcome / Deliverables

We will create at no cost for you a custom version of this research tool so you can measure your people's experience with the Career Development in your organization. In the end, you will receive a report of your organization, along with a comparative report illustrating where your organization stands relative to other organization's career development efforts.

An original framework to achieve more

Dimitri Diamanti collaborated with Northeastern University (MA, USA) and developed an original inventory to measure organizations' Career Development program and the experience and perceptions their people have in relation to their own career development and growth in their organization.

We will create a custom version for your organization, which you will distribute to your employees.

We will then prepare the aggregate report for your organization. Respecting your people's privacy, all responses are anonymous, while you will only receive the aggregate report and no individual responses.

As we conduct this research with many organizations, we are in the unique position to provide you with a second report, viewing your organization's position relevant to other organizations.

Leveraging our experience in career development, we will help you make sense of the research outcomes and plan your actions for the future.

Schedule a 20-minute discovery call

to present you the questionnaire and reports, and learn how our Career Development research can help you keep your people engaged and loyal, improving their results for the organization and contributing to creating a thriving workplace.