Career Readiness Program

A competitive program that admits a handful of candidates each cohort, equipping them with the mindset and abilities to pursue successful careers, saving them years of trying to figure things out by themselves.

Although you can pursue your career by yourself, you will most probably lose valuable time to get an understanding of yourself and of the world of work. Why spend years trying to figure it out yourself when you can do it in just a few weeks? 

Being ready for your career goes much deeper than having a resume template to complete. By the end of this program you will ground your career decisions and you will increase your confidence and ability to pursue a thriving career, landing to jobs – and careers – that matter, much faster.

The Career Readiness Program is an international program, delivered in English over period of 8 weeks. We will be meeting for 4 hours per week virtually (live sessions), in small groups that allow deeper engagement.

8 weeks

4 hours / week



up to 8 attendees / cohort

college students & young professionals

590 €


What is it?

It is a competitive program that only admits a handful of college students and young professionals who are serious about and committed to their careers, equiping with the skills and mindset to develop be ready to puruse thriving careers.

Why should I do it?

Our approach is quite unique and powerful, saving you many years of trial and error, getting you on track for a great career within a few weeks. With the vast majority of youth being unprepared, completing this program puts you in a uniquely competitive position, being at the head of the line of any recruitment.

Who is admitted?

Often we equate potential with grades. Not us. Grades are great, but we do not exclude candidates who have great potential but not as good grades. We want to see drive, ingenuity, commitment, ability, behavior, soft and hard skills.

What are you evaluating for admissions?

A high potential candidate is one who can prove herself or himself as such. To that end, during our admission process we will examine each candidate as a complete personality, including his or her driver, commitment, ingenuity, ability, mindset, behavior and experiences.

Additional benefits

Be a member of an alumni network of successful professionals in key positions:

All of the people who participate in the program will be placed in great jobs and work for great companies, and most will advance significantly. This is an amazing network to be member of.

Access to employers and recruiters

Once you successfuly complete our program, we also help you connect with a select group of companies and organizations.

30% discount on private career & workplace success coaching

From the day you start the program and for 12 months after the program's completion you will be eligible for 30% discount of private coaching.

Free access to our career readiness webinar

You will also get free access to our career readiness webinar modules


Below are the steps you need to follow in order to be considered for our program:

As we are examining each candidacy personally, and not just with formal qualifications, we want to give everybody a chance to meet with us and build their case.
Once you apply, you will receive a link to complete our "Career Readiness" questionnaire, which we will use as a guide for our interview with you.
Along with the questionnaire, you will have to submit a structured personal statement.
This is your opportunity to build your case and help us see your commitment to your career. During this, we will discuss your responses to our "Career Readiness" questionnaire and your personal statement.
The process ends with the final decision to be admitted to our program.
In order to secure your place for the next cohort, you need to pay the program's downpayment, which is 20% of the total program value.


  • Build alignment between where you are now and where you want to go
  • Clarify your gaps and what you need to do to get there
  • Develop your own individual development plan  (IDP) to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go
  • Craft the job / role and work environment you would like to work at
  • Prepare your resume
  • Refine you LinkedIn (or, your relevant social network) profile
  • Write cover letters
  • Prepare your elevator pitch
  • Refine your ability to build and cultivate your professional network
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Learn how to evaluate a job offer


Alghouth this program is competitive, we make it easy to start the process as we want everybody to have a chance to build their case. At this stage of the application we only want to connect with you. After you submit this form, you will receive a link to complete your application material and then schedule your interview.


Got questions?

During our interview you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and get the clarifications you need in order to decide whether this is a good program for you and for your career. If, however, you want some answers faster, you can use our live chat or email us  at