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Our coaching will help you overcome roadblocks - internal and external - towards pursuing a meaningful and prosperous career. Either employed or unemployed, young professional (who wants to have a head-start) or a seasoned professional (who needs to make meaningful next steps), Career Coaching will put you on the driver's seat in managing your career.

Career Readiness Research

Participate in our research (it will take you around 10-12 minutes) and get immediate access to our guide with more than 500 resources to help you with your job search.

If you feel directionless or trapped, our coaching will help you discover and articulate a concrete career path that will resonate with you truly are and open the road to a prosperous career.
Instead of just reacting to the openings you find online, take the control of your career and create your own opportunities .
With fierce competition in the job market, creating and sustaining your personal brand can go a long way.
In a highly competitive market, you need to go the extra mile to grab recruiters' attention. Rethink your role in your career search and change it from passive (ie. sending online applications and waiting to hear back) to active (ie. build your brand and network).
People like doing business with people they like; and with 75%+ of the jobs never reaching job boards (instead, covered via word of mouth) you cannot afford not to be a great networker; not only for landing to a great job, but also for fast-tracking your career from then on.
Facing increased competition and recruiters' limited attention spam, we help you write a resume that sets you apart and lands you on job interviews.
This is an additional opportunity to convince a recruiter of the value you bring to the organization.
A job interview is a live performance and we will help you wow your audience (the recruiters). 
Accepting a job is an important decision to make, not only because you will invest the next few years of your life but also because it sets the stage for your future career steps. Taking a job that you shouldn’t will drain your energy and hurt your future career prospects.
Presenting & pitching, interviewing, professional etiquette, negotiating, networking - any soft skill that is immediately relevant to helping you build your own path towards a meaningful and prosperous career.


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