A series of 2-hour masterclasses to pick and choose the most fitted ones to enhance your career.

This program is designed to help ambitious young and seasoned professionals fast-track their career in a tight and competitive job market.

Why should I do it?

Being intentional and well-prepared makes a huge difference in how fast you will find your next job, and how relevant that job will be to your career goals. Especially in a tight job market, this program will make the difference between being among the top candidates and finding yourself at the back of the line.

Who is this for?

  • college/graduate students
  • young professionals
  • seasoned professionals (advance their career, make a career change, or re-enter the job market)

About the facilitator

Dimitri is an Organizational and Career Consultant with 20 years of experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, in the fields of entrepreneurship, communication, education, and people’s development. During his career, he had the privilege to contribute to the growth and development of both institutions and individuals. Currently, he catalyzes that positive impact through “Dimitri Diamanti”, a firm that specializes in Organizational Consulting, Learning & Development, and Career Management.

Dimitri has more than 8000 hours of career-related activity (program design, teaching, coaching) and on top of leading his own firm, he leads the Career Office of the American College of Thessaloniki.

Dimitri holds an MBA from Boston University, Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation from Tufts University and a Bachelor in Business Administration from The American College of Thessaloniki.

Our Career Clarity program will help you acquire the necessary focus to pursue a successful career, one that will resonate with who you are. This focus will help you build your Career Alignment, by defining where you want to go, and be the anchor of your Individual Development Plan. This focus will then be the key ingredient of your career narrative, of the role you will craft for yourself, and of the personal brand you want to create.


  • Understand where you are
  • Decode experiences
  • Clarify where you come from and where you want to go
  • Career clarity dashboard and list of relevant careers

Outcome / Deliverables

The final outcome of this phase is a list of 3-5 professions that resonate with you; however, you will also get a useful dashboard depicting all of our work up to this point.

Our Career Alignment program will help you uncover what is missing between your current professional state and your aspired career so that you will create the appropriate Individual Development Plan to bridge that gap, create a career narrative to serve your vision, craft a role that is aligned with your aspiration and build a personal brand that supports that new professional identity.


  • Analysis of your current state and of your career aspiration(s).
  • Analysis of what is missing towards attaining this aspired career.

Outcome / Deliverables

By the end of this program, you will have a clear understanding of what is required to pursue a specific role you are interested in. The deliverable is a dashboard (worksheet) where we will map all those things necessary for realizing your career aspirations (ie. skills, training, certifications, network, experiences, etc).

Armed with the gaps identified in the Career Alignment program, the Individual Development Plan will help you create a specific plan of what they need to do in order to bridge that gap. Putting that plan in action will help them support their personal brand, enhance their resume and LinkedIn profile with new skills and experiences, and get the attention of recruiters during their job search.


Armed with the knowledge of where you need to go and what is missing for getting there, we will create a specific action plan that will help you take action and assume accountability towards realizing your own career aspirations.

Outcome / Deliverables

The deliverable of this program is a written Individual Development Plan - with specific actions, outcomes and dates - that will help you organize your activity after the end of the program. This written plan will be a crucial tool that will inspire you to act towards addressing your gaps that will help you realize faster to your career aspirations.

This program will help you view your experience under the light of your career destination – as described in the career alignment. The stories we will uncover will help you create an authentic and engaging resume, cover letters, and elevator pitches. The same material will also come handy when you prepare for a job interview and need to have available relevant stories, experiences, examples, or achievements so you can successfully respond to any question that comes your way.


Day 1: On the first day we will focus on uncovering the stories of your experiences. Based on those, we will then create the backbone (the arc) of your personal career narrative.

Day 2: Using your arc, we will create the outline of your career story and we will finish this program by using your stories, experiences and overall arc to create your own career story, one that resonates with your career vision.

Outcome / Deliverables

By the end of this program you will see your experience with new eyes, remember things you may have forgotten, give new meaning to seemingly irrelevant stories and actions; create a unified theme for your career that resonates with your career vision; have the raw material to create your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, and elevator pitch and prepare for your interviews.

Having identified what is required for the aspired career you want to follow (career alignment), being on your way to acquiring those skills (individual development plan) and having clarified the identity you want for your career (personal branding), you can not create the role that best fits your personal path. This will help you focus your job search and create a targeted resume, cover letters, and elevator pitch.


During this program, you will get a grasp of the elements of a role, and using those elements, create the role that best fits your own personality and aspirations.

Outcome / Deliberables

By the end of this program, you will have created a specific role that best fits your abilities and aspirations, a role in which you can really thrive. This may be used to help you identify the most fitting roles in the job market, negotiate a role change in your current occupation, or create an original career path.

The identity you will create is aligned with your career aspirations (career alignment). LinkedIn will be used to support and amplify your brand message, while your resume, cover letters, and elevator pitch should also be aligned so that they communicate the intended identity.


Day 1: On the first day we will work towards understanding what “personal branding” is, designing your personal brand, and clarify your message.

Day 2: On the second day we will ways you can support and communicate your brand and create a specific plan for implementing your communication plan.

Outcome / Deliberables

By the end of this program, you will have a clear understanding of what personal brand is and how it can benefit your career; clarity about your own personal brand; a refined brand message; a detailed plan (with specific action items, outcomes, and deadlines) for communicating your brand.

Having clarified your career narrative (and the new, relevant skills you will acquire by putting your Individual Development Plan in practice) - and having identified your personal brand and your ideal role - you are now in a great position to write a targeted and persuasive resume, the key document you need for your job search and one that lands you the job interview.


The content of this program is structured in a way to help you build your own resume, step-by-step: understanding what recruiters are looking for; learning about different resume types; selecting our resume format and style; learning the building blocks of a resume; building a master resume.

Outcome / Deliverables

By the end of this program, you will have an understanding of the role of a resume in the job search process, the knowledge of the building blocks of a resume, the skills to write your own resume.

Having acquired the basics of resume writing (Resume Writing I), you are now ready to actually write your own resume (the content of which can also be used for enhancing your LinkedIn profile) and be ready for your job search.


The content of this program is structured in a way so that you write your own resume. The difference between “Resume Writing I” and “Resume writing II” is that in "Resume Writing I" we present the building blocks of a resume and provide you with the skills to write one on your own, while on Resume Writing II we actually write the resume together during the program.

Outcome / Deliverables

By the end of this program, you will have the content of a brand-new resume, ready to use in any template/format you wish (of for LinkedIn); a master resume, ready to customize for any position; an optimized resume for one job experience and the skills to optimize the rest so that it is ready to pass the Applicant Tracking Systems.

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to support your personal brand, while your resume will be the source of your profile content. A well-built profile will help you connect with recruiters faster, accelerate your job search, and land you meaningful job interviews.


  • Preparing your profile
  • Leveraging the network
  • Using LinkedIn to build your personal brand

Outcome / Deliverables

By the end of this program, you will have an updated LinkedIn profile, along with the skills to continuously improve it and use it to amplify your personal brand.

A cover letter is the resume’s companion, that helps you build your case when applying for a job and improves the chances for landing a job interview. Using the material you have created in the career narrative program, and with the focus that your role crafting and personal branding provide, you will be in a position to author a powerful document that makes recruiters relate to you.


The content of this program is designed so that you understand the ways you can write a winning cover letter, and then write your own. The focus during this program will be on:

Day 1: Understanding recruiters’ point of view; clarifying what we need to do and know before we start writing one; getting introduced to a framework of writing a cover letter

Day 2: Writing your cover letter

Outcome / Deliverable

By the end of this program, you will have: a new understanding of the role of a cover letter in the job search process and how you can use it to your benefit, acquired the skills to write a unique, relatable, and persuasive cover letter, written your own cover letter.

Using material from your career narrative, you will create an elevator pitch that will help you get the attention of the people that matter for realizing your career aspirations (job search) and is aligned with your personal brand.


  • The elements of a winning elevator pitch
  • Communicating your personal brand
  • Clarifying your listeners’ personas
  • Crafting your pitch


Outcome / Deliverables

A refined ability to create and deliver a personalized elevator pitch.

With the clear focus and identity your personal brand provides, and with your resume, LinkedIn, and elevator pitch in place, you will enhance your job search ability and results, connecting with the people that matter and landing to more meaningful job interviews.


Day 1: Focusing your job search; a framework for understanding and addressing gaps.

Day 2: Connecting with opportunities; staying organized


Outcome / Deliverables

By the end of this program, you will have a clear focus for your job search; a framework that will help you understanding and address your gaps; practical and actionable ways that will help you connect with the opportunities that are relevant to your career vision; a system that will help you stay organized.

Using the material you have uncovered and documented during our career narrative session, and equipped with the role you have crafted and a strong and clear personal brand, you can are ready to connect with and persuade the recruiters about your ability and fit.


The content of this program is designed so that you progressively refine your ability to perform during a job interview:

Day 1: Interview logistics; Interview prep checklist; Body language; Interview etiquette; Dressing; Talking; Following-up

Day 2: Preparing for common questions; Preparing for behavioral/competency-based questions; Preparing questions to ask; Mock interviews

Outcome / Deliverables

By the end of this program, you will have a hands-on experience and feedback of how you respond to questions via mock questions (each attendee will have this opportunity); an understanding of the importance of etiquette, body language, dressing and talking in making a good impression – and how you can improve in all those areas; a new insight of how you can prepare for some common interview questions; a framework that will allow you to prepare for any question the interviewer may ask; a set of questions you can ask.

Getting – and evaluating – a job offer is the goal of any job interview. All the work that has been done up to now leads to that outcome.


  • Mindset shift
  • Creating a framework for evaluating a job offer
  • Creating a counter-proposal

Outcome / Deliverables

A framework that will help you make a solid career decision and a system to help you accept or reject job offers.

At every stage of the process you are making a smaller or larger career-related decision: which skills should you refine (career alignment, individual development plan)? Which identity should you create? (personal branding) Which company should you pursue? With which people should you connect? (job search) Which offer should you choose? (job offer evaluation).


The content of this program is built around exploring the most common biases and blocks that affect people’s career decision-making, learning how to identify and overcome them.

Outcome / Deliverables

Enhanced critically-thinking skills that will help you improve your career decision-making.

Searching for a job and building a career is a marathon. Challenges and drawbacks are part of the process. You need to be resilient when difficulties arise; you need to be agile to overcome them; and you need to keep learning and growing if you wish to experience career progress.


This program build around cultivating the ability to increase your resilience, agility and grow ability, working with the way you think, act and behave.

Outcome / Deliverables

Become more resilient when career challenges arise, more flexible to finding solutions, and more able to learn & grow as you move forward.

Research is an integral part of your career readiness. You want to understand the trends, you look for foresight, you build your network, you search for jobs. The ability to find answers will save you time and open new paths you had never thought of before.


This program is built around asking the right questions and finding answers. We will work with the way you think of and frame a challenge; the way you strategize and conduct your research; and the way you organize and make sense of the results.

Outcome / Deliverables

The ability to ask the right questions and find answers that move your career forward.

Certificate of Completion

All participants who complete the program will receive a Certificate of Completion.




As a panelist, you will be one of the 6 participants who will join with their cameras. You will actively engage in the masterclass discussions (not just via the chat) and your own career challenges and concerns will be directly addressed - for instance, you will participate in live mock interviews and your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile will be our case studies for the respective discussions.



As a participant, you will be able to attend the entire live session and interact via the live chat.

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