We take care of your leaders' growth

By designing and delivering custom leadership development programs we help your leaders be their best, encouraging an organizational culture of ongoing leadership development

Companies that have realized the importance of meaningful and transformative learning - and have made it part of their culture rather than a "check-box activity" - outperform the rest in revenues, profit margins, and employee retention. Dimitri Diamanti takes care of your learning needs, allowing you to focus on your core business while creating a learning culture that keeps your people engaged and your organization relevant.

How it works

Corporate University is a modular service. You can select any of the modules listed below, or you can outsource the entire Learning & Development of your organization to us, setting up and running your organization's Corporate University on your behalf.

Canvassing gives us the opportunity to understand what your people and organization really need. This will allow us to design relevant programs that have the desired impact and are aligned with the needs of the organization and of your people.

A good design, founded upon a solid understanding of what is really needed, is the foundation for a program that addresses the real need and transforms the beneficiaries in the way it intends to.

Equipped with clarity of purpose and a solid design, we then move forward to facilitate the learning delivery. We source for you the most appropriate learning programs and trainers, and we facilitate the delivery of the learning experience.

The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the impact of the program: that the learning experience actually transformed the people in the way intended.

Acknowledge and celebrate the effort your people put it, recognize their transformation, and the new potential they have discovered is of immense importance for increasing their engagement with the organization.

Extend the effect of this program to an entire department or organization by building a culture.

Is it for my organization?

This is exactly what you need if:

> You care about your leaders and you believe they can be a driving force of success.

> You don't have an organized L&D department.

> You only have a handful of people working on your people's development, missing great opportunities for faster growth due to their limited resources and time.

> You watch other organizations be more competitive and innovative, while you struggle to catch up.

> Your leaders have been attending trainings but there have been little real change in the way they do things.

> You are concerned with your leaders' ability to lead.


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