It's a (good) candidate job market.

Good candidates select jobs and they are picky. If you want to have great teams, focus on creating a great experience to inspire candidates to join you.

 Good candidates will not fall a company that disrespects them and offers them a crapy experience during the recruiting process.

During the recruiting process, candidates canvas the company as well; a positive experience will inspire them to keep the process and accept a potential offer; a negative one not only will drive them away but will also share this.

The tables have turned; good candidates select companies now.


"Candidates who had a positive candidate experience in your recruiting process will more likely accept your job offer, reapply in future and refer others to your company, which means you will grow your talent pool and improve your employer brand"

Kristina Martic, TalentLyft Recruiting Software

You must take action.

It starts here. It start now.

Candidate Experience

Attract and recruit top talent.

This is how we do it:

Candidate experience mapping

We map the current candidate journey, uncovering touchpoints and moments of truth.

Candidate experience design

We co-design with you the candidate experience you want to create.

Capacity building

Workshops, coaching and L&D programs to enhances your recruiters' ability to put the new candidate experience culture in action.

Is it for my organization?

This service is exactly what you need if:

> You complain that you only get a few quality resumes for each of your job openings.

> You believe candidate experience doesn't matter; being able to provide a job and a paycheck is enough for any candidate to fall for you.

> You think that good candidate's don't have options.

> You have been doing recruiting more or less the same way as always, thinking little about it.

> It takes too much effort to make new hires high-performing players (if they ever become).

It all comes down to one question:

Do you want to drive candidates away or do you want to inspire them?

Instead of missing good talent due to a poor experience, build a positive candidate experience culture that helps you attract and recruit great people.

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