Refine your etiquette and win the minds and hearts of people you meet.

Set yourself apart and win the day by being courteous.

The importance of etiquette and civility are resurfacing as more and more people suffer from rudeness.

With 97% of people have experienced rudeness in the workplace, honing your etiquette skills not only will set you apart, but you will make you become a fresh breeze in people's lives.

Build, refine and defend your courtesy.

You must take action.

It starts here. It start now.

Professional etiquette

Build and refine your ability to connect gracesfully with others.

This is how we do it:

Email etiquette

Refine your ability to communicate effectively via email with recruiters and other professionals who can advance your career.

LinkedIn etiquette

Write professional invitation notes and communicate with grace.

Interview etiquette

Learn the nuances and refined behaviors that can help you build rapport and win the hearts of interviewees.

Event etiquette

Network like a pro at events.

Lunch/dinner etiquette

Write professional invitation notes and communicate with grace.

Workplace etiquette

Build rapport with your new colleagues once hired.

Is it for me?

This service is exactly what you need if:

> You struggle and feel insecure when writing an email or LinkedIn message to a reruiter or new connection.

> You have been thinking that etiquette is a thing of the past, irrelevant in today's marketplace.

> You have hard time connecting with others in events and find yourself not knowing how to behave.

> You rarely follow-up with people you meet.

It all comes down to one question:

Do you want to justify the cliche of impoliteness or do you want to be a refined professional?

Do you want people you meet to role their eyes when you leave, or be pleasantly surprised and want more?

Let's do this!

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