Open Office Hours with Dimitri Diamanti | Discussing Resumes

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June 9, 2021

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June 9, 2021



Open Office Hours with Dimitri Diamanti

Discussing Resumes

During this week's Open Office Hours we will be discussing Resumes.

Resume writing is for many a challenge. And given that this is often the only thing standing between where we are now and a new job, career - even life - it is understandable the emphasis that many put on it.

Many share similar concerns regarding the content (what should I include?), the length (1 page? more?) - even whether they should include or not a photograph. Join our Open Office Hours to have your concerns addressed.

During registration, you will have the opportunity to share the challenges you face and the concerns you have regarding resume writing, which we will address and discuss during the live session.

Please keep in mind that this is not a teaching webinar, where I will lead a course. Instead, it is a discussion, responding to and discussing the concerns raised by the participants.