People Development Program: information session for HR executives

Start Time


September 17, 2020

Finish Time


September 17, 2020


virtual (zoom)

An information session of how you can fast-track growth and improve results by building your people's workplace skills.

Take a sneak-peek of our program

Look at our program's description and get an idea of what this is all about.

Why should I join?

The college takes care of functional knowledge; numerous digital upskilling programs build your people's tech ability.

We take care of what is missing.

Our workplace-readiness and success program addresses the skill, behavioral and mindset gaps of your people, so they become catalysts of a thriving workplace and bring results to your organization.

Who is this for?

This informational session is suitable for HR and L&D executives who are serious about creating a thriving workplace that also drives business results.

Outcome / Deliverables

An overview of our People Development Program and how this could be applied to your organization.