Dimitri has presented to diverse audiences from corporate leaders to high school students, with an ability to connect with and inspire all.

Enthusiastic presenter, inventive, and flexible to connect with the audience and their needs, Dimitri's keynotes make people think and inspire action. Being on stage is a natural space for Dimitri, keeping his audiences engaged, pushing them to think, and inspiring them to act.

Signature keynotes

The why of why: the importance of purpose in career

What does career purpose mean and why is it important? This keynote exposes the audience to the concept of purpose, its importance in our lives, the tangible impact it has in our careers.

Path to purpose: how to discover your purpose in your career

Many people are intrigued by the idea of finding a purposeful career, but most feel lost on how to do that, trapped in their past and current circumstances, not knowing where to start and what to do next. This keynote introduces the audience to the way of discovering and articulating their purpose.

Purpose at work: Activating your purpose in your current career

Many people feel that purpose is something to pursue outside our current work; however, this is not the case. Many can live purposefully within their current career, even if it doesn’t feel like it yet. This keynote elaborates how one can honor their purpose without making vast career changes, activating it within their current career path or role.

Discovering, articulating, and activating your team’s purpose

How can purpose be a driving force and compass for a team’s performance and outcomes? This keynote elaborates how a team (or an entire organization) moves from lofty, but toothless, purpose statements into meaningful purpose that informs its strategy and goals, organically inspire its people, and guides its behaviors, thoughts, and action.

Purpose alignment for startups and entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs often give it all to make their idea become a viable business. However, often they have a hard time articulating “why” they do what they do. Having a clearly articulated purpose of what they do and why they do it, one that also resonates with their own sense of purpose, is essential not only to increase the chances of success but also to have a meaningful entrepreneurial journey and make their time and effort invested in their venture matter.

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