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What is included?

Referral and screenings

Through our referral-only and rigorous admission process, we achieve to keep our community healthy, strong and useful.

Community and Network

You become a member of a vibrant community of ambitious, like-minded business professionals. Share ideas and concerns, get inspired by one another and create a solid global professional network that can help your professional success and career growth.

Curated content and insights

You will have access to our curated content via our articles, podcasts, posts, social media groups and slack channels. This content may include:

  • Leadership and success insights
  • Future of Work news, trends, and insights
  • Career ideas, job titles, and role descriptions
  • What is required to get that role and what it is needed to succeed in it
  • Suggested courses, webinars, degrees, certifications, and graduate programs
  • Skills for each job title/discipline
  • Webcasts / interviews with field experts
  • Career development tips
  • Newsletter

Exclusive events and trainings

Free virtual masterclasses, office hours, insights from industry experts, keynotes, experience-sharing sessions and recruiting events.

Co-create the content topics

Share with us your concerns and challenges so we create custom content and events to address the exact needs of your career and workplace.

Mentor matching

Connect with other members of our community and create a mentorship relationship.

Opportunity matching

Find relevant internships and traineeships, volunteer opportunities, projects, thesis assignments, fellowships, scholarships, youth conferences, training programs, experiential travelling and gap-year opportunities, study abroad programs.

Why should I join?

Receive relevant content and answers to the challenges you face co-creating the content topics.

Access a network of like-minded, high-achieving professionals.

Share with our community your concerns, learn how others addressed similar challenges to yours.

Save time by accessing high-value curated content - the articles that matter the most.

Stay up to date with the most important career information by receiving our newsletter.

Expand your career skills and insight through our global masterclasses.

Share your questions, concerns, and challenges with us and a consultant will address them during our office hours.

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Yes. Currently, you can join the League through our 3-month subscription at the cost of 29€.
Currently, we offer no refunds for the 3-month subscriptions.