We help you harness the power of coordinated thinking around a business concept that has the power to transform the way your team operates.

When an employee reads in isolation about a great concept, there is a minimum impact on the way things change in their role or team. When a team comes around a concept in coordinated way, and collectively thinks, discusses, applies, and reflects, then that team transforms organically.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin

Is this for out team?

When was it the last time your team collectively and coordinated discussed and though about a key concept and how they could apply that in their work? The power of thinking collectively and in coordination around time-tested, life-validated concepts - usually presented via a book - is immense. For instance, we can discuss Kim Scott's "Radical Candor", find application in your team, and the way that team operates from now on will change forever.

How will it help us?

By the end of this program, your people will have embedded and applied useful concepts, creating the foundations of a new team culture and operation.

Fresh insights

Coordinated application

Cultural transformation

LEARN new concepts. THINK what they are all about. APPLY them in your work and life.

Program outlook


2 months

Group sessions

4 sessions


6 hours

Group size

up to 8 participants


Live, Virtual