Masterclasses are 2-4 hour learning engagements designed to help our leaders acquire fundamental knowledge around a specific topic, and guide them towards applying key learnings the day after. 

Building and managing our personal brand

Personal branding is about owning, declaring, and living who we want to be, so others have the experience we want them to have about us.

Writing effective emails

We write emails multiple times a day, but do we really know how to right them to be effective? Somehow it has been considered self-evident, but rarely leaders have contemplated about the quality and effectiveness of their emails. This masterclass helps leaders write more effective emails and keep their people informed, engaged, and inspired.

Writing reports

Reports are a means of communication and decision-making. Either one is the producer or the receiver of a report, learning how to author business reports is essential for better understanding and decision-making.

Running meetings

As  a  significant  part  of  a  day  is  spend  in  meetings,  and  people  often  complaining  about them, making them count is important. Learn how to run meetings that are effective, move things forward, bond the team, and inspire. 

Creating a civil workplace

With  98%  of  people  having  experienced  incivility  in  their  workplaces,  and  2/3  of  them deliberately  giving  less  due  to  having  experience  uncivil  behavior,  it  seems  that  it  is civility is more rare than  we think. Civility is important for keeping your people engaged, which –in turn –means they contribute more to the organization.

Building your people's ability to listen

Many people in organizations complaint that they are not being listened to. What does this mean? Where it comes from? What are the consequences in an organization? This masterclass will introduce you to the concept of listening, what good listening is, the barriers to effective listening, the consequences of not listening, and practical ways you can start improving your listening.

Custom Masterclasses

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Share with us your challenge, pain, or abilities you would like to see in your people and we will design a custom masterclass for your team.

soft/people skills

Custom masterclasses to help your people develop useful soft skills.


Custom masterclasses to improve your people's ability to communicate effectively.


Custom leadership masterclasses to help your leaders grow.

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