A workplace-readiness program that addresses the skill, behavioral and mindset gaps of young professionals.

Why should we do it?

Organizations face the challenge of finding workplace-ready employees and keeping them engaged, loyal and committed. Our "Young Talent Development" program helps you address challenges that are commonly present among young employees, building a strong talent base that can bring results.

Who is this for?

This program is for organizations that hire young talent and experience skill, behavior and mindset gaps that hinder their performance, engagement and loyalty.

College and graduate students

Help your interns be young professionals.

Recent graduates and young professionals

Help your new recruits become the professionals you aspire them to be.

Program outcome

Participants of this program gain the skills employers crave for but are in scarcity among young professionals, helping them become high-performing and engaged employees.

Program delivery

We deliver our program for each new cohort of freshly hired talent in your company. All programs are delivered virtually and are limited to twelve (12) participants, ensuring a fully interactive and engaging program, providing special care to each one.

What is included

The Young Talent Development Program is a modular program that allows you to select the skills you want to cultivate among your younger employees and are more relevant to the needs of your organization:

Certificate of Completion

All participants who complete the program will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Further enhance your young talent's workplace readiness and success


Your organization will be eligible for a 20% discount to both individual and group coaching for the young employees who completed this program (this offer is valid for 12 months).

Discount to future programs

The young employees who attend this program will also have an additional 10% discount on all future programs, on top of any discount already in effect, including the "Career Momentum" programs (this offer is valid for 12 months and applies to all webinars or live programs).

Career Readiness and Workplace Success Community

Your young employees will be granted access to our closed community of Dimitri Diamanti programs. In this community, we share content, concerns and questions, opportunities and we also have community-specific special events, like virtual meetings with HR managers and CEOs.

Schedule a 20-minute discovery call

to learn how this program will help you enhance the ability, productivity and engagement of your younger employees.