Those who joined this program transformed their careers and lives faster, and with greater conviction.

Having built our Purposeful Career Discovery program we came to realize that many of the participants needed some assistance to take it to the next level and do something that their newly-acquired purpose. This led us to create the follow-up Purposeful Career Activation program, designed to help those who have a clear sense of direction and purpose, pursue it.

Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare. 

Japanese proverb

Is this for me?

Most people would like to experience something new in their career, pursue something more, but only a few actually do it. If you often have an excuse of "why not", if you feel lost on how to start or pursue something new, if you feel alone in this pursue - this program is exactly what you need to change your career and life. It will help you take a stand and pursue your purposeful career with conviction and resilience.

Although this is a natural extension of the Purposeful Career Discovery program, it is designed to accommodate people who have NOT participated in that program and still need support in taking action. The only prerequisite is that they have and own a clearly articulated purpose, upon which we will work.

How will it help me?

This program will help you take action. I help people move from having a vision, a purpose, to take it seriously and start working towards it. Without it, you risk thinking about how your career and life could be, but never really living it. Without it, you risk doing nothing new.

Intentional action is what makes meaningful transformation possible.

How my clients experienced participating in this program:

Dimitri was a person that truly inspired, navigated, and transformed me as an individual. He was the driving force behind the decision of my career path and the man who was and still is a true mentor to me.

Thanks to him, I now enjoy a position in a workplace that I love and I live by the mindset of keeping on searching for ways to my personal growth. You might come across some ugly truths while working with him, but the result is definitely worth it. Dimitri, thank you for everything. Working with you as a mentee and a collaborator was an honor.

Natasa Tertlidou, Project Coordinator

He takes the time and energy necessary to not only provide wisdom and guidance, but to help people build their own confidence along the way, and be involved in their journey until they ultimately have internalized a skill or concept and made it their own. Dimitri has acquired expert-level knowledge and experience regarding this skill, but he is also intuitively talented at it in a way that reveals his unique aptitude.

I can confidently say that Dimitri is a person that any team would be lucky to have. He exemplifies what it means to be an authentic leader. I have worked with Dimitri in various settings, and the way with which he leads by example creates a culture of accountability, transparency, dependability, and collaboration. Creating this culture is fundamental to the long-term success of a team. Beyond this, Dimitri’s key skill, in my opinion, is his keen ability and willingness to coach. Dimitri invests in the people in his network. Finally, I want to speak to Dimitri’s character of always being genuinely curious and excited to learn. Although Dimitri is indeed focused and educated in his specialized areas of coaching and consulting, he is also incredibly well-rounded and keeping an eye on the dynamically shifting trends of the world at large. Dimitri is an early adopter of online tools, he does the research of his own volition to keep an eye on what’s to come in the future, and he generally thrives in environments that have a mindset of adapting and growing instead of a mindset of resistance and clinging to the status quo.

Emily Fisher, Junior Business Developer

Case Study

Maro's story

Maro was a bright, inspiring young woman. She started her career in performing arts, only to move then to technology (did the bachelor in Computer Science) and then explored the world of business (completed an MBA). Mare was charismatic and she was great at everything she was doing. However, she was lost. Conventional wisdom leads her to pursue the studies she did, but this didn’t fill the void she was filling.

Maro completed our intensive purpose program. In the end, the career path that was jumping off the page, the option that was truly and deeply aligned with the core of Maro was something that she never really shared. It was a career path that she felt nobody would take seriously. It was more of a dream, wishful thinking, not something she could pursue. Maro was in her heart a car racing driver! What an amazing discovery!

Although it took Maro some time – and coaching – to realize that this could be a real option for her life, she started searching the field, experimenting with options. In the meantime, Maro had offers to work in both business and software companies, and it took real courage to turn them down and stick to her dream. And this paid off.

The outcome

Now Maro is completing her master's degree in a leading European university in car design, in a career path that not only is aligned with her deep love for cars, but also leverages her creativity, technical aptitude, and business mindset. With the conviction that she found her purpose, the opportunities didn’t take long to appear. The life of Maro changed. She is now fulfilled, empowered, confident she is on the right track.

Program outlook

Purpose Activation is a time-bound, outcome-oriented program that helps you take your purpose to the next level and act upon on.  Each participant sets their own meaningful outcome and the work we do during this program is to help each one pursue it.


8 weeks


4 sessions


8 hours

Group size

up to 12 participants


Live, Virtual

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