Helping my clients pursue fulfilling careers while making a difference.

What is Purposeful Career Coaching?

Purposeful Career Coaching is a great fit for young and seasoned professionals who view their careers as a platform for a creative expression of who they are and a vehicle to make a difference, leave their mark, and have an impact on the world.  PCC is where your personal branding, job search strategy, career development plan, resume/LinkedIn/Cover letter, and interviewing become purposeful and powerful. These private sessions have tremendous power to accelerate my clients’ career progress, purposefulness, and career growth mindset.

I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential. 

Bod Nardeli, CEO Home Depot

Is this for me?

Purposeful Career Coaching is especially helpful for young and seasoned professionals who have a hard time moving their careers forward - and they would like to.

How will it help me?

Engaging in this kind of coaching can help you accelerate your career, make transitions, start living a more fulfilled professional life. From being lost and disengaged, this will help you take the lead of your professional life and transform it.


Personal stand/brand: Have a stand that will draw people's attention to you.

Job search strategies: Search for jobs meaningfully and strategically so you land opportunities that resonate with who you are and move your career forward.

Resume / LinkedIn / Cover letter: Create persuasive and inspiring documents and social profiles, ones that honor your own career purpose and promote your own stand and brand.

Job interview: Fearlessly and powerfully express who you are, so you connect with and persuade the right people who are the one they are looking for.

Career Development Plan: Craft an actionable plan for the next phase of your career.

The value of Purposeful Career Coaching is that it changes your mindset about your career, empowers you to pursue more meaningful paths, and facilitates faster career growth.

How my clients experienced participating in this program:

Mr. Diamantis is a motivated, forward-thinking professional who is wonderful to work with! His hands-on approach to career coaching and consulting among others, has really helped me achieve results and ultimately thrive.

He has a very positive attitude towards work, he is methodical and dedicated. I am really appreciative of the valuable advice and assistance he has provided me with while pursuing my MBA, which has contributed to my professional development.

Chris Xefteris, International Trainee in Area Property Management

An excellent and inspiring counselor that will bring out your best professional self

Dimitri helped me as an MBA graduate at ACT to rearticulate my career scope and redesign my CV and as a result, I started hearing back from almost all the companies I applied to. His rigorous method requires a lot of personal investment in assessing all personal accomplishments and creating a robust cohesive document that narrates your personal story and establishes you as a professional in your field. His experience and out-of-the-box suggestions also helped me create a cover letter that was to the point and delivered the message so successfully that in my following interviews some interviewers commented on it. Furthermore, Dimitri motivated me and uplifted me in “low periods” by offering not empty encouragement but achievable suggestions that made me an even more attractive candidate in the following applications. Lastly, he helped me with intense interview prep where we rehearsed several scenarios, analyzed technical and behavioral questions as well as body language both in English and in Greek, and I felt very confident walking in an interview, even from the first one. In total, I wholeheartedly suggest someone work with Dimitri. He isn’t someone who will write your resume for you and do your work, but an excellent and inspiring counselor that will bring out your best professional self and help you to communicate your talents effectively in your professional sector.

Androniki Tsakiridou, Data and Risk Analysis Expert

Case Study

Nicola’s story

Nicolas was a high-achieving sales professional, with a charismatic personality and amazing leadership potential. However, he found himself working at a company that was leaving him totally disengaged and unfulfilled. Nicolas started his Purposeful Career Coaching and soon he rediscovered his passion and confidence in his career. We reflected those on his resume and within days he started having job interviews. A few weeks down the road the first meaningful job offer appeared and his purposeful career was now in motion.


For the next 2 years, his career was upgrading systematically, moving up the career ladder, and changing three jobs by choice. First, he became an Account Manager for a SaaS startup, where soon the Founder and CEO included him in all strategic decisions and the entire team was looking up to him for inspiration and direction. From there he moved into another startup, leading the Business Development department, and currently, he is a Senior Account Manager for an international cybersecurity organization. Within just a few weeks of working together and engaging in Purposeful Career Coaching, not only his career was accelerated but his entire life was on a whole new trajectory as well: his spirit was uplifted, his financial situation was significantly improved, he finished renovating his house, and now he is half-way in growing his family.

How it works

These are 30- or 60-minute sessions, usually taking place weekly or every other week, with homework assignments between the sessions.






30 or 60 minutes

Group size




Fee: 80€ / hour

Our discovery call is a free 30-min session to help us both understand whether Purposeful Career Coaching is a good fit for you.