We have worked with many people. Clarity of purpose is the single most important factor we have seen to have the most impact on their careers and fulfillment.

And we will help you find your purpose.

We designed the “Purposeful Career Discovery” program to help our clients discover, or reconnect with, a meaningful path for their career and acquire focus and clarity of purpose that will liberate them, empower them, and propel their future.

We have met many people needing this, but not taking the step to do something about it. Others were afraid, others too skeptical, others felt there is nothing they can do, others did not want to invest the time or money for it. Only to see them a few months or years later, even deeper in the same situation, more disengaged, depleted, lost. If they had done something about it, by the time we saw them again their life could have taken a whole new, more fulfilling trajectory.

"Having a purpose in life is the wellspring of sustained happiness"

Sir Ken Robinson

Is this for me?

This program has proved especially useful for professionals who have been feeling purposeless and depleted at work, trapped into dead-end career decisions; directionless and confused as to what to do next; feeling their career is not working for them and that there is something else they should do, but have a hard time figuring out what.

People who join this program want to spend their time doing something meaningful and important; they want to count, to make a difference; their lives and career have an impact. Discovering and articulating their career purpose is the first - and liberating - a step towards a professional life of meaning and prosperity.


How will it help me?

By the end of this program, you will connect deeply with who you are professional - your values, aspirations, talents, influences, stories - and mold them in a way to craft your authentic career purpose. This clarity will give you the power and resilience to pursue more meaningful career paths while inspiring, connecting with, and influencing the people and the environment around you that will be instrumental to make it happen.

By the end of this program, you will have:

A deep understanding of who you are and where you want to go in your career.

A clearly articulated meaningful career purpose, one that resonates authentically with who you are. 

A set of 3-5 very specific career paths or roles that honor your purpose.

Purposeful Career Discovery is not about finding a magic career that has been reserved for us; it is about connecting with our authentic self and finding a meaningful way to express this through our work.

How my clients experienced participating in this program:

He cares, he deepens into things and examines your case from so many different perspectives, till he is absolutely sure about the outcome, he is persistent and helpful. He gains your trust and he is so much fun to be with! Above all, he just loves what he does. He certainly has found his career purpose!

I trusted Dimitri with my dream to find and pursue my career purpose. It was one of the most creative and efficient processes I have ever been through! Dimitri is a specialist in his job, he has developed a methodology to guide you to what is already in you in the most professional way. I would definitely recommend Dimitri and his work to anybody that wants to re-evaluate his relationship with his job, learn, and grow. I have done it already, actually! Dimitri, THANK YOU!

Persefoni Kalopessa, Retail Network Manager

He helped me identify my core values and strengths and had an impact on me building my potential future job.

Mr. Diamanti is an excellent professional. He is a great listener, asking the right questions, and has been very punctual and supportive during and after our work together.

Orestis Tsatsos, Digital Marketeer, Co-Host of “Business Undercover” podcast

Case Study

Tony's story

Tony was one of those amazing young professionals who were capable of many things. Every employer that had worked with him was amazed at his commitment, work ethic, outcomes, behavior, personality. However, he had trouble finding a fulfilling career, working in opportunities that leveraged only a fraction of his abilities, paying a fraction of what he really worth. However, the most important was that all those were jobs or career paths that were leaving him unfulfilled. Tony knew that something was missing but couldn’t put his finger on it. He was feeling trapped that his life would continue on the same pattern: unfulfilling jobs that barely pay the bills, while seeing his energy, abilities, aspirations, potential, and time – his life- slipping through his fingers.

After attending the full program, Tony was reconnected with his true callings and identified a handful of powerful career paths fully aligned with his core. The top choice: help businesses thrive through technology. Although helpful by nature, he wanted to streamline his ability to connect with and help people in the corporate world, helping organizations move forward.

The outcome

With this newly acquired clarity, when an “Account Executive” at a leading tech company appeared, it didn’t take long to realize that this is it. Tony not only now realized that this was a real opportunity fully aligned with him, but also knew how to pursue it. With renewed confidence and conviction, he won the hearts and minds of the executives of a travel guidance platform and started working as an Account Executive. He moved into a thriving European capital, became financially independent, felt fulfilled and empowered. Soon he proved his value and the promotion didn’t take long to happen. But not only his career was not on a whole new, thriving trajectory; his this confidence, love for his work, conviction that he was leveraging his abilities in an environment that made sense for him, authentically expressing who he was through his work, his entire life lightened up.

Tony took the time to find his purpose, and it paid off. Emotionally, financially, professionally, personally. His entire life took a whole new, positive, and highly appreciated trajectory.

Program outlook


8 weeks


16 sessions


32 hours

Group size

up to 12 participants


Live, Virtual

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