A group coaching program to help professionals overcome workplace challenges and achieve more in their roles and careers.

Why should I do it?

Our success and development in the workplace not only brings results to our organization, but also solidifies our career presence, builds our personal brand, gives us pride, allows us to grow, and empowers us to pursue more interesting and challenging endeavors.

Who is this for?

This program is suitable for working professionals who face challenges and/or they want to achieve more in their role or workplace.

Program outcome

Empowerment. A new way to view and deal with your workplace challenges and the empowerment you need to be in charge of your workplace destiny and success. Participants of this program overcome barriers that hinder their performance at work, improving their professional relationships and results.


In each session group members raise issues they face in their workplace and career, empowering them to find and implement solutions that will move their career forward by making them more successful at their role/workplace.

Team cohesion

Each session starts with a set of activities to help the group bond and connect.

Group coaching

The biggest part of each session will be devoted to group coaching, helping group members clarify and overcome challenges and achieve more in their role and workplace.

Session reflection and commitments

At the end of each session, we reflect on the learning, take-aways, experiences, and emotions, while each participant commits to follow-up tasks.


Further enhance your career readiness and success


Each participant will have a 20% discount to individual coaching (this offer is valid for 12 months after completing the first cycle of a workgroup and limited to 10 sessions per participant).

Discount to future programs

You will have an additional 10% discount on all future programs, on top of any discount already in effect (this offer is valid for 12 months after completing the first cycle of a workgroup).


You will be granted access to our closed community of Dimitri Diamanti programs. In this community, we share content, concerns and questions, opportunities and we also have community-specific special events, like virtual meetings with HR managers and CEOs.

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